First Post - First upgrade - Ribble or Rose?

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My First post - I'm after some advice. I have been (road) riding for 9 months and am looking to upgrade from my Fuji Roubaix 3. I now have a shortlist of Rose Pro SL 2200 or Ribble 7005 Ultralight.

They are comparable so it's down to reviews now but I can't find a review of Rose anywhere. Also the website says the bike is c.8kg so weight is also a factor, however the Ribble website weight idicator doesn't seem to be working as it shows 0.0kg for the selected bike.

I've almost made up my mind but it really is so close now, I don't know which should get my hard-earned!

Any gems of wisdom out there in the community?

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  • Berk Bonebonce
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    The Fuji Roubaix 3.0 is an excellent bike and not much different from a Rose Pro SL or Ribble 7005 Ultralight. As such, I cannot fathom out what you mean by the term 'upgrade'.
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    Two words...Sram Apex!

    I've tried it and it's better than Sora, so in my eyes it is an upgrade. At my level of riding frame isn't the be all and end all, but I'm very keen to upgrade the components.
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    So why not keep the frame you have and just change the GS and/or wheels?
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    Hi there

    Just had a look on the Ribble site. The 7005 Ultralight is listed under the "Special Edition" bikes.If you click on the SRAM kitted selection it brings up the options page. At the top the frame weight is quoted at 1.25kg. If you scroll down you will see that each of the build options you chose has a weight quoted so with a bit of simple addition you can calculate the total weight of your finished bike. eg the SRAM Apex groupset weighs in at about 1.2kg

    Give it a go and you can compare it with the Rose.
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    I considered it but decided against it because...1. I'm a complete novice, I've done only the most basic maintenance in my first 9 months as a cyclist, 2. I have used the Fuji for a 15 mile commute through the winter and it's not in the best condition now, 3. There is a distinct lack of details of what fixings/types of BB, etc I have on the Fuji and I wouldn't be sure I'm getting compatible components, 4 I want to keep the Fuji as a winter bike which means I can develop my maintenance skills on it without worrying that i'll be without a bike if I can't put it all back together!

    Plus...i have the thrill of researching, choosing and anticipating delivery of a new bike in time for long sunny rides!
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    Arlowood - I did try that, but it came out at about 6.9kg which I thought was too good to be true, compared with the Rose 8.1kg. I thought they may have missed a component!
  • cojones
    cojones Posts: 131 the Ribble comes out at 6.438kg...isn't that remarkably light for an £800 bike? If not, that's decision made!!
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    Did you use the bike build option or special limited edition? I'm thinking of getting one too. :lol:
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    @jonrwg - both, there's very little difference building your own and choosing a special edition, in fact I think it's slightly more expensive using the bike builder.
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    cojones wrote: the Ribble comes out at 6.438kg...isn't that remarkably light for an £800 bike? If not, that's decision made!!

    Of course it isnt, thats 14lbs near as damn it
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    So it ISN'T too good to be true then. I've emailed Ribble for the correct weight.

    Jeez, its tough being a newbie on this forum!
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    FWIW - if you're saying you want to keep your Fuji as a winter bike, and then head out and by a very similar bike with a groupset maybe one notch up, it still isn't really much of an upgrade.

    If I was in your position, I'd wait another month or two, add another month or two's savings into the pile, and then look for a bona fide upgrade. Otherwise you're risking diving in and spending a good chunk of money for two very similar bikes, one of which is a bit dirtier than the other.
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    @TommyEss yes, that seems to make sense. Thanks for a clear suggestion.
  • cojones
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    Ribble have responded:

    "Unfortunately we are not able to provide this info as we have found some of the manufacturers weights to be inaccurate"

    Brilliant. How can I find out the true weight of the bike now?!
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    Don't get too hung up on the weight.
  • rolf_f
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    Just try to get frame weights and compare. But plus one on Danowats comment above!
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  • Squillinossett
    Squillinossett Posts: 1,678 ... sram-rival

    Good for £1k, which is what the rose costs I think? ... sram-force extra £99 gets you force, a nice upgrade for no money

    Or, if you fancy ribble, this is the same frame as the De Rosa ... ERC&bike=1
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    Decathlon also has a couple of new road bikes out now, just not listed on the website yet.
    A full carbon frame with 105 groupset and Shimano RS10 wheels priced at £899.
    The second is a full carbon frame again but with SRAM Rival group and Mavic Aksium wheels and its priced at £1099
    I have not pictures yet but I can take some at work tomorrow and post if your interested.
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    I agree with Tommy Ess; save a little more and get something special