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I am considering buying a Garmin Edge 800 for a LEJOG ride in May. Will I need to buy additional map(s) or will the base map that comes with the unit be sufficient?


  • You'll have to buy the package with the maps included as the base maps are pretty poor. I'm not sure how suitable the 800 is for a ride such as LEJOG. It's internal battery means that you have to charge it which could be a problem if you're camping. Have you looked at mapping specific GPS units that use AA batteries?
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    I'm using a garmin 705 and use these free open source maps, as the other guy said the base maps are pretty poor.

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    Unless you really need the fitness specific info ( Heart rate and cadence), then an 800 is not your best choice. I would definitely go for a unit that takes replaceable batteries - for example, the Garmin Oregon, Dakota or eTrex Vista. Cheaper than an Edge as well, and they all take the City Navigator mapping, which is extremely detailed, and will be perfect for your on-road navigation - or as stated above, you could go for the free OSM. By the way - the base maps aren't pretty poor - they are as near uselss as makes no difference! If on the other hand you really do want the fitness specific info, then you'll not go wrong with an Edge. You'll still need the mapping, though, so previous comments apply
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    Just to point out that you can get the 800 without the cadence and heart rate monitor for about £50 less than with, if you don't need these.

    The base maps are useless so would advise one of two options.
    1. Get an 800 bundle which includes either City Navigator Europe or the UK 1:50k OS maps
    2. Get an base 800 and use free open source maps

    I've used the Open source maps for UK and France and they're very good, however, I got a bundle with the UK OS Maps and they're very good too.

    My 800 will last a couple of days riding if you leave the backlight off most of the time.
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    Great feedback - many thanks everyone. I'm not camping so will have access to a power supply every night. Very helpful advice on the maps.