Shimano ultegra 6700 or mavic ksyrium equipe ?

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Your thoughts please

Have a giant tcr composite 1 on order.

I've read the wheels are a little heavy and Im only 67kg so want advice on changing them.

Most of the groupset is ultegra.

Ultegra 6700 wheels (match groupset)

Ksyrium Equipe (white to match bike(tart I know!))

or maybe Hope Pro 3 RS Mono Mavic Open Pro (Ive used the pro 2's on my mountain bikes for a long time and love them)

New to road bikes but loving it(50/50 time spent on road and mountain bikes now)so all advice welcome.

Rides are 25's a couple of times a week plus 50+ on weekends,looking at sportive distances at the minute until leg strength/speed comes up a bit.Roads Im riding on are pretty poor,pot holes are avoidable but generally get rattled about quite a bit.


  • i've got a sey of ultegra 6700, they have a great set of hubs and are a nice ride but prehaps a touch flexible for me at 85KG they spin up well and feel comfortable though. Since bought a pair of dura ace scandium (SL) which are much much stiffer and a heck of a lot harsher. i would say that for the money the ultegras are a good set of wheels especially if you are fairly light. Bitch to get tyres on though as i haven't gone down the tubeless route yet!
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    Cheers Matt.
    The Dura Ace wheels look FANTASTIC.
    Alot more than I was looking to pay at first as I was hoping to keep the wheels that came on it as spares.
    Maybe I need to think about selling them on and going for a better set like the Dura Ace.
    Was there any reason in particular you went for Shimano instead of say Mavic or others.
    I did have a pair of XTR wheels for my MTB about 10 year ago and I remember them being the smoothest Id ever ridden.
  • Shimano hubs seem to have an excellent reputation, especially the dura ace which i have to say look beautiful and are truly buttery smooth.
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    For what its worth I'm 60kg and upgraded to Shimano RS80s from WHR500's. I've found the RS80s a lot smoother especially on bad roads, thou better quality tyres might have helped. I saved over 400g upgrading.

    Pro Lite Braccianos and RS80s are well thought off on this forum.

    Mavics are nice, but you are paying for the name. Others no doubt will disagree