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david1512david1512 Posts: 8
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I've recently really got into road cycling in the last couple of years and have been trying to find a club to join to get in some practice in groups and meet some like minded cycling obsessed people! I'd like to get into racing in my local area, preferably British Cycling run so I can move up ranks, but I havn't yet found a local group that seem to fit what i'm looking for. I've done a Google search and searched through the British Cycling Site, but most of the teams seems to be sponsored so I assume wouldn't want a new guy joining. (I live in the South East of England in Kent.)

I just wondered if it's possible to still go racing in my local area without a club? I understand that this won't be ideal but at the moment looks like my best choice.

Or if anyone had an idea on where to find clubs?

Im not sure i understand how the British Cycling works, if i enter races i progress through different levels?

Thanks for you help sorry to ask such newbie questions! :roll:



  • sungodsungod Posts: 14,342
    you can race without a club

    if you want to gain bc points, you need to have a licence (buy from the bc website), then any eligible race you enter you have the opportunity to get points

    you get points by winning, or finishing near the front

    this describes the categories, other links on the page give more detail... ... ifications'll start as a 4th cat, points work like this... ... _Explained

    use this link to find clubs in your area...

    any club worth joining will welcome new members
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  • Chris McGChris McG Posts: 189
    Kingston Wheelers are all that comes to mind, though maybe a bit far for you...
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  • blackhandsblackhands Posts: 950
    Where in Kent do you live?
  • Aren't San Fairy Ann based somewhere out in that direction?
  • dave milnedave milne Posts: 703
    There are loads of clubs in kent that I see at races. If you're anywhere near Bromley there's Bigfoot CC
  • Thanks for all the replies guys!

    The problem is where I live in Kent is a bit outta the way haha, but will start looking at the local ones and work my way out if I don't find any good ones.

    I'll look into BC site further already done a search for clubs in my local area :)

    Cheers guys, been much help!
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    You have Medway Velo, who are in Rainham.
    Deal Tri in, Deal
    VC Elan
    San Fairy Ann, Maidstone.
    Wigmore CC in Wigmore, Gillingham.
  • blackhandsblackhands Posts: 950
    If you tell us exactly where you live in Kent we can give better advice - as a Commissaire living in Kent I know quite a lot about local clubs and what they have to offer.
  • I live in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

    Been reading a load on how not to suck, but it's not the same as sucking then seeing how to suck less next time :lol:

    With the tri clubs i thought it'd be pointless joining if I didn't want to take part in Triathlons and the same with Velo clubs? Or do they also perform in straight Road Races?

    Thanks again guys
  • hammeritehammerite Posts: 3,408
    Velo means velocipede rather than velodrome in club names usually.

    A lot of the tri clubs have members who just take part in one activity if they like training with that group.
  • blackhandsblackhands Posts: 950
    Clubs near to you are

    Southborough & Dis
    San fairy Ann (Maidstone0
    VC Ean (all over the place - members in SELondon and doing RRs)

    One way might be to enter the South Eat Road Race League (SERRL) 4th cat races at Fowlmead (nr Sandwich/Deal in E Kent) or Hog Hill as a private meber - you willget to know a few people in local clubs that way. Why not phone Kim Anderson - she's the organiser.
  • Right I shall start looking as soon as I'm back :-) Maybe go for some 4th cat racing too. Thanks so much everyone :-)
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