Video your ride for comedy moments

willnjim Posts: 13
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I have been taking a helmet mounted cam along with me on rides. Nothing too flash, a 7dayshop special at less than £20.

Good to review later and it's amazing what utter cr@p we all discuss :roll:

Went out yesterday and we had some fantastic falls, comedy moments and general evidence of 'more practice required'. One of our riders slipped off the trail and cart wheeled off down a hill (queue Thunderbirds music for the rescue after the laughter had died down) and another fell into a bog and had to ride at the back due to the smell. Shame the cam packed up and missed it all.

Anyone used a reliable 'cheap' cam to capture these golden moments? Had a look at the Muvi but apart from the HD models (starting at around £90) output looks a bit fuzzy and the resolution is not for TV.

Has anyone else got any memorable moments? Post what you have.