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I have some Mavic Aksiums. The brake surface has a grooved surface with a significant groove in the middle (this is intentional.) How do you position your brakes on them? How much brake should be on or over this groove? Do you position them slightly diagonally so there is very little in contact with the large groove? Or do you run them parallel to the tyre and there fore possibly a large section of the brake block is in contact or rather over the laps groove.? I hope this makes sense.
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    I'd just line them up with the centre of the braking surface parallel to the tyre- which is probably where the groove is. I have Mavic rims with a similar groove and that's how I've got them set up. They will eventually wear a matching ridge in your brake pads but that doesn't seem to make any significant difference to braking. The groove is there to indicate when the rim has been worn down enough to need replacing.