Spin bike / Indoor cycle recommendations??

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I'm in a bummer of a situation where i can't get out on the road yet (DVT, warfarin, can't bang head etc.) so I'm looking to pick up a spin bike. I'm not keen on turbos due to the noise and wobbliness, and think an indoor cycle / spind bike would be a better idea.

A few questions:

- is there that much difference between a chain drive and belt drive version?

- I'm willing to spend up to £1,000. Any recommendations about good sturdy, quiet spinners?

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    I have a lemond Revmaster which I bought of Ebay for about £300 worth every penny so smoth but the best thing is it's so quiet.
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    I replied to this in the training section and someone then deleted the thread! :roll:

    Anyway...I'm in a similar situation at the moment - shattered my femur in Nov and it’s not healing so can't get on a bike and also contracted DVT.

    So, I bit the bullet and bought a Wattbike Pro for mind and body rehab. It really is fantastic to ride/use but doesn't qualify on your budget and lack of noise requirements.

    The Wattbike is chain drive with both fan and magnetic resistance - I think this combination contributes to it being slightly loud but this isn't particularly an issue for me as the feel through the pedals is so good and I'm in the middle of nowhere! 8)

    Take a look at the Cyclops 100 Pro or some of the Kettler Bikes and Cyleops 200 or Keiser M3 if you’re willing to push you budget higher.

    Hope that helps a bit.
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