How much for wheels on a 1k bike?

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I'm currently riding a planet x sl pro, with model b wheels.
I have some money burning a hole in my pockets.
I commute 25km daily, and have a longer hilly ride of 70km at the weekend,
and weigh about 82kg.

How much would i need to spend on wheels to see a noticable improvement?
What would actually feel different?

I was looking at the pro-lite braccianos.
Would they feel much different to the model bs?

Whats the most that you would spend on wheels for a cheap carbon frame?



  • I don't think you would notice anything with the pro-lites.
    The Model B's are a great wheel set and hard to beat for under £300.
    You'd be looking at £500ish to notice anything, I've got Dura Ace 7850cl's as my best wheels and when i switch to them from the Model B's its not a huge difference.

    There's plenty on here written about wheels, You can get some hand built wheels, 50mm carbons or dura ace / mavic... There's a huge choice.
    You need to know exactly what the wheels will be used for before buying.

    I'm no expert but I've had quite a few wheels over the years and it seems once you get past a certain point there isn't that much difference. Maybe if you spend over £1000 but i wouldn't know as i haven't done it..
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    From the vast number of 'what wheels' threads i was thinking that they all felt very different.
    From your experience, maybe it's more that there are lots of good wheels that
    are almost indistinguishable, and so people are spilt for choice, and want some
    reassurance from someone else before making a decision.

    i might look at a hrm instead, now :)