To Upgrade or not to upgrade!!!. That is the question???

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Hi To All, this is my first post - Need Help Please, Commute on a Btwin Sport 3, only 10 mile a day, my "best bike" is a Cinelli Experience with Planet X 50mm Carbons - Fancy a change - I'm about 15 1/2 stone and thinking of a Boardman Road Team Carbon to move to me best bike with the Planet x's on, and having the Cinelli for my Commuter, and putting the Aksiums on it. Or any other Bikes better for a little over a grand.
Any advice on the strength of the frame for us Fatties, not racing or TT's - too old - too fat. Wonder about the comparison of Carbon frame and Ally frame, should I stick with an ally frame or will the carbon stand the weight and not crack. Any helpful comments welcomed - Absolutely love cycling - its a way of life - you know what I mean. Thanks to all and for the use of the site - nice 1. Paul.


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    Some people like Alu and some carbon. Both really good but price will be the over all say.
    Carbon for 1K will have cheep group sets? Stick with what you know but if you can borrow a friends bike see how you get on.
    All in the legs at the end of the day