Campy Zonda / Mavic Ksyrium Elite: worthwhile upgrade?

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Currently running a Paul Hewitt set of Mavic Open Pro 32 spoke on Ultegra 6600 hubs. I have 400 GBP available and was toying with buying a new wheelset, either Campy Zonda or Ksyrium Elite. My worry is that these will not be a worthwhile upgrade of an admittedly decent set of wheels in the Open Pro's. Looking for something that may climb a little better and maintain speed on the flat etc. The 2 options are a couple of hundred gm lighter than the Open Pros.
Wheels would be for training and sportives and I weigh 90kg and do 3k miles a year. Should I be:
1) content with what I have got,
2) buy one of the 2 choices
3) not bother until I have more money?

Thanks, smitton


  • othello
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    I'm looking at both those wheels right now, but I'm going to be saving about 500g from the wheels I have now. That will make more of a difference than you might see.

    But I still think they are a good upgrade and the price is the right side of good. If you start paying more you get into silly money for not much difference IMHO.
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    Campy ????????????????
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  • robd75
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    I bought a pair of Zondas from shiny bikes £315 and stuck on some ultremo zxs which I got from Ribble (they were the cheapest). Was a brilliant upgrade from the fulcrum 7's I was running for about 15 miles then I got hit by a van so can't give you much more of a review!