ProLite deep section alloys ?

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Anyone used the ProLite 42mm all alloy wheels that Ribble sell - seem a very good price for a deep section wheel and weight comparable to carbon clinchers with an alloy braking surface. I'm thinking for that price there must be a drawback ?

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    42mm sure is deep for an alloy rim isn't it? I don't know about how aero the blading is on their spokes though.

    Incidentally I came across a wheel aerodynamics test the other day and it said a 24mm depth Shimano wheel did very well, namely because it had a low count of bladed spokes. I'd have thought this kind of explains why the likes of the Mavic Cosmic Elite and to a lesser extent the Bontrager Race Lite Aero's are popular with those not bothered about shaving grams of weight. After all, that's what lightweight tyres and paper-thin inner tubes are for, surely?

    Speaking of which, does anyone out there use either those Mavic Cosmic Elites or Bontragers? They're in the region of 1750g (150 more than the box-section Campag wheels I use now) but thought they might actually roll faster once up to speed on the flat? Am I right in saying the extra weight doesn Especially given how the Bonty's use just 16 spokes front and rear........
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    I don't have the ProLites but I have built up a set of HPLUS Son SL42s, (which are alloy and 42mm deep) using Sapim CX-Rays which should be reasonably comparable. The only feedback I can give you is subjective and is on a comparison basis with the Mavic Cosmic Carbones, which are similar in height and the published weights don't differ enormously.

    The alloy rims give a very harsh ride, due to the deeper section and shorter spokes.In particular the front wheel can make life uncomforatble on anything other than smooth roads. One of our local crit circuits has a fairly appalling surface. After 30 mins of racing using the alloy front rim, my hands tend to go numb. Unfortunately, to paraphrase Billy Connolly, that doesn't result in the feeling that someone else is doing my racing for me.

    The cross-section on the alloys is a very straight edged "A" shape. The Cosmics are the slightest bit more rounded. I don't know if that is the cause, but the alloy rim is a little "stickier" in a cross wind than the Mavic. At speeds over 40 km/h, the alloy rim seems more reluctant to change direction initially.

    At this stage, I tend to use the deep section rear wheel (mainly because my powertap is in it) but a conventional depth front wheel.

    Perhaps the ProLites are less harsh, but if not, I'd be more inclined to save my money for something else.
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