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Genesis Day 02

crazy88crazy88 Posts: 560
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I know it's not technically a road bike, but a hybrid. But it's a lot more road bike than it is mtb, so I decided to place it here. It's generally road bike parts, apart from the RH shifter and the flat bars.

I bought the frame from eBay and have been building my new bike up over the last month or so. I've never built a bike before, so I'm well pleased with the final bike, I love it.

It's my commuter, hence the apparently 'bombproof' quest wheels, which generally seem to be liked. It's now got a set of spd pedals on it too, I ran flats for the first ride as I was convinced it would disintegrate at speed.

Here's a few pics from its first real ride out. I have been commuting on my slicked up hardtail mtb recently, and forgot how much different it was to ride a road bike!

Anyway, here's the pics.




Out with the old, in with the new here.
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