20 mm maxle on spesh hub

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I've got a pitch pro with 20 mm maxle through specialized hub. Have noticed a bit of play in the wheel when it is clamped in. The spacers in the hub seem to be a lot wigglier than they were and I suspect the bearings are either on their way out or gone. question is how do i get the bearings out. Read some where that you can knock them out with a mallet and rod but can't work out how to get the spacers off to expose the bearings in the first place. Any hints would be greatley appreciated!


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    they may just have press fit collars.
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  • Does that mean i should be able to pull them off with some padded pliers or the sort
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    Get the maxle, place it a little bit inside the collar and push down, it should just pop off. To get it back on, lay the wheel flat and whack it in with a rubber mallet.
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  • cheers fellas. I suspected it might be something like that but have had, shall we say, incidents in the past when my 'suspected' methods have created 'suspected' holes. In my bank balance.