Garmin 605.....

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is it worth a punt, not interested in cadence, heart rate etc. Just mapping and speed, as I'm heading off to Europe for a few rides in the next couple of months. Amazon currently has it for £162. Anyone?


  • mallorcajeff
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    ive got one and use it in mallorca have to say its excellent. At that price even better I paid over 250 i think. The info you get when you upload it is really interesting. Id buy it for sure and in europe you will have lots of routes you can look back over overlayed in google earth etc. I think its very good. And very reliale too never had an issue with it in over 2500 miles in 6 months
  • I even took it to Taiwan where I stayed 3 months to learn chinese... Make your life so much easier and allow you to discover a lot of new roads without having to stop every 5 minutes to open your paper map...
    for that price don't hesitate
  • flasher
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    Thanks, just ordered one 8)