Schwalbe Stelvio - any good?

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Now superceded by the Durano, so some special offers around. I'm assuming slightly heavier that Ultremo, and perhaps more robust.

Anyone got any experience of them? Good enough for training/circuit racing?


  • mroli
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    Proto - defo good enough for training. I like em - they are pretty puncture resistent (although not impregnable) and a decent ride. If you could get them cheap - certainly good enough. Not 100% about racing as I haven't used them for that.
  • Brian B
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    Had them a few years back and went up/down the Ventoux with them a few times and they performed well when new but they did wear out pretty quickly though and I felt that the rubber became softer with the more miles I did on them. Good puncture resistance though and never got one puncture with them.

    I usually use Black Chiilli tyres and find them better for wear but not any better to ride on. Hope this helps but probably just muddied the water!
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  • Stevio's are or were awesome wheels I've got some on my winter bike which have been on for nearly 2 years and puncture free up until last december and then that was because my brake pad had moved and went through the side wall.
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  • Monty Dog
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    I have two pairs - the Raceguard versions aren't as puncture-resistant as something like a Conti GP4 Season, and they're not as responsive / supple as a Krylion - fine as a moderately tough training tyre, but wouldn't fancy them for faster rides.
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  • thel33ter
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    I got some with a set of wheels, but they went straight onto my dads bike. He really like 'em though,
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  • rake
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    i run them on my winter bike, and they perform well. last a fair amount of miles. if you can find them on offer they are a very good buy.not super light but last well and roll well.