Old Suntour MTB shimano mixing

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I broke th friction shifter on my pub bike. It is a raleigh pioneer trail from around 1992. It has a full Suntour XCT groupset. I recently found a pair of Shimano Altus 7 speed shifters in my garage, would these be compatable with my suntour groupset, as it is 7 speed indexed suntour freewheel and suntour front derailleur. Also how far in Suntours heierachy was the XCT groupset? Just because from the build quality its seems comparable with something like alivio.


  • supersonic
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    Not sure of the cable pull of the XCT stuff - quite possibly the same as Shimano. I'd fit them and see if you can index them.
  • redvee
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    Shimano and Suntour won't quite index up. I had a Dawes with Exage thumbshifters and fitted some X-Press underbar shifters, as Suntour called them. Six of the seven gears indexed up no problem but there was one gear in the middle of the freewheel that didn't.
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