Pop quiz/info gathering type thingemy....

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Easy now everyone!!!

I am getting back into riding after a few years distracted by beer, cars and women (Ahhhh the memories) and I have come to the usual problem that I bet you've heard oodles of times before....."What bike should I get??"........Is it going to be worth getting 2nd hand one off t'bay?...or should I save up more and get a lower specced new one?

TBH getting a second hand one doesn't bother me as I fiend for the higher specced stuff!!

I guess what I'm asking is if you were in my smelly shoes what 2nd hand bike would you go for (around £300)? I've been looking at Kona's, Specialized, GT's and Felt. I don't know why but I'm drawn to a 2008 Felt Q520 with upgraded brakes, shocks and drivetrain but this is just impulse and would like a bit of logic before I am sold

Thank you muchly

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