convert 3 bolt sole to use SPD's

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I'm looking to convert a pair of my road shoes that have the 3 bolt (look) drillings to run with SPD cleats. Does anybody manufacture a plate or device that facilitates this?


  • maddog 2
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    spd cleats come with a threaded backing plate so if you're prepared to drill the sole then this can work. I've done this on some carbon Spesh road shoes to run spud cleats (not a fan of roadie pedals). Obviously you need to drill the holes accurately, so the cleats are exactly where you need them.
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  • You could drill holes in the soles of your expensive road shoes or you could use an adapter plate........ :-) ... ctid=15549
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    I've tried the Shimano adapter plate as linked above for exactly this. It's quite thick though, probably about 7 or 8 mm at least, so it can feel weird having your foot so far above the pedal spindle.

    Plus, it means you end up with your SPD cleats sitting fully exposed instead of recessed, which is fine when clicked in, but *very* awkward and dangerous for walking.

    It works, but I reckon better to buy a new pair of shoes specific for the SPD cleats.
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  • maddog 2
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    the plate is an option but I didn't want the extra stack height. I realise it's a bit of a bodge but as long as you drill the holes in the right place it's fine.

    I run these cleats, which add some protection to the metal cleat.

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    I'm with wheelspinner - I used the adapter plate for a while, but it felt like a bit of a bodge job TBH - much better to switch to road pedals (speedplays are double sided if that is the attraction of SPDs) or get some shoes with specific SPD drilling
  • Chris James
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    Like maddog2 I have some SH71 cleats, beware they don't fit all pedals - eg A520s.

    To use them you would need to drill your shoes.

    Personally I'd either change your shoes or your pedals to match.