Should I wait for my Cannondale SuperSix 105?

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I have been waiting on a Cannodale SuperSix 105 from Evans since November 2010! They are now quoting June 2011 for delivery! I originally purchased last years model but due to a mix up they eventually found they didn't have the stock, the mail order people were not much help but they recomended I go to a store. The Bristol store were great and sorted me a good price for the 2011- great I thought. The original date was December 2010, then Feb 2011 and now June! I am concerned it may never actually materialise and have been thinking about alternatives- perhaps a specced up Ribble, or a Specialized Roubaix Comp, a Cube Agree with ultegra? I am really disapointed in Cannondale, they were no help when I contacted them directly- so I don't think they deserve my hard earned( this is a big purchase for me!)
Any thoughts on my best course of action?
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    That's a crazy wait take your money elsewhere................
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    I seem to remember hearing about demand for some of the Cannondale bikes outstripping supply.

    Will you be happy with one of the other options you list? If so, go for one of those.

    If you've got your heart set on the 'Dale, I'd try to find it elsewhere, but there is no way I'd wait until June for it!

    Maybe they're short-stocking to avoid having to slash prices at the end of the model year.
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    If you wait to June and it doesn't arrive you have no chance.

    I got my CAAD last May, and was told by 2 LBS's that they won't be getting any more stock, but could ring the supplier to ensure was no 'demos setting about'. And that they would be putting in orders for the new season bikes coming out in November.

    I agree with Moneypump suggestion.
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    love to know what sort of deal evans bristol offered you for the supersix, pm me if you dont want everyone to know

    big fan of cannondales and have a whole stable of them but their supply issues for their 2011 range leaves alot to be desired, must be costing the company a fortune.
    customer services in recent years can also be very poor.

    the supersix is a very nice bike, only you can say whether its worth waiting for considering the long wait you have endured already.
    i would personally look elsewhere especially if you are unhappy with the way cannondale have treated you.
    if the june delivery fails to materialise, you will be even more peeved.
    there are plenty of other very nice bikes for your budget so take your pick
    if cannondale dont pull their finger out, then the 2012 range will soon be launched (usually late autumn)
  • I would look elsewhere.
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    If you have to wait that long I'd ask for a discount or cancel the order. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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    I can vouch for the Cube Agree GTC Race - great bike IMO. The GTC Pro had a very good review in the C+ Bike of the Year, the only let down being the 105 Chainset (the GTC Race is full Ultegra).

    I'd cancel the order and look elsewhere.

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    As said before only you can decide if it's worth the wait but there are some great bikes out there too - such as the Cube or if you don't mind not getting a test ride then Canyon plus the usual Ribbles, PlanetX, Focus as some of the best value bikes too.
    What do you ride just now?

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    What size was it, i know a shop with one sitting in stock but not sure of the size.
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    I have been put off a Cannondale CAAD10 by multiple dealers quoting extended lead times.

    I'm looking elsewhere
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    All in all I'm rather glad I plunged twice last year and got the Cannondales I was after. The SuperSix was a bit of an impulse buy (Westbrook Cycles had my size at a great price) - it really is a fabulous bike if you can get one, but I honestly don't know if I'd wait as long as you've had to.
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    Safe to say I've already negotiated a hefty discount. I'm currently riding a bike from New Zealand- an Avanti Vuelta Aluminium and Carbon, 105 and Aksiums so I'm not desperate and was happy to wait over the winter as I wouldn't of ridden a brand new 'dale anyway. Spring seems to have sprung now though. If I could be certain of the June delivery I will probably wait- too late for the dragon ride though, but should be good for the Bealach Mor. | have found a Cube dealer nearbye so will go and have a look. Size wise either a 52 or 54- again wan't to be certain.
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    Give west brook cycles a call. They have one on show at the minute. Not sure what size tho. Looks about a 56 or 54.
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    Give west brook cycles a call. They have one on show at the minute. Not sure what size tho. Looks about a 56 or 54.
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    JAGGY wrote:
    Give west brook cycles a call. They have one on show at the minute. Not sure what size tho. Looks about a 56 or 54.

    I was going to write that! Westbrooks are my LBS are are very good
  • simckenn
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    Westbrooks are sold out now too. I have spoken with the guys at Bristol Evans and their buyer says the bike is on the way so I'll wait. Had a look at the Cube and its a lot of bike but I couldn't cope with the Blue.
    Thanks for all the suggestions.
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    Are they quoting start or end of June? Most bikes are reduced after the TdeF ie August to make way for new stock coming in Oct. I'd prob cancel unless I was getting a good deal. Plenty of good bikes just under 2k. Have a look at this month's Cycling Plus.
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