A friend of mine has asked me a favor...

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He has a problem with his bike, from what i can gather his friend has "thought" he was helping and has done something with his gears.

The end result my friend says is when he changes gear its as if it isnt sitting properly and it keeps skipping and not sitting on the teeth perfectly. Im going to be going to have a look at the bike tomorrow but if you guys have any ideas what i could look for it may speed up the process.

Think the lad messed about wi his gear wires or something tightened them or something maybe? could that be the problem?


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    read the how to on setting up gears on Parktools and just set them up for him.

    dont try and fix what may have been done just start from basics.
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  • Cheers fella! Will do!
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  • Nice one! it seems fairly straight forward thanks alot guys ill let you know how i get on!
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  • Right so heres the problem.....turns out the bike is pretty much fucked...gears wise....basically i have read the above FAQS etc and put them into practice on his machine....(apollo)

    Basically his gears are adjusted with 2 metals wires (one for the crank one for the gears) and it seems we cant get the wire to fir properly if we pull it too tight it wont go into 1-3 gears if we pull it too loose it wont go into 4-6 gears any idea what to do ? as i say its a very old gripshift bike
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  • I messed around with the H and L Screws on both Derailleurs but to no avail, it seemed as though i couldnt get the "gear wire" tense/slack enough to go through 1-6 gears
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    Er the 'wires' are gear cables.
    You are either doing something wrong, or it needs new cables, or both. Are you sure it is in the lowest gear on the shifters before you try and adjust?
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  • Sorry i meant wires, (had a few bevvies when i posted this)

    It seemed as though we couldnt get the right tension in the cables for it to move from gears 1 through 6 we tried it many times/combinations/tensions and to no avail. I think ill tell him to take it to the LBS
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    Does ' a friend' mean you? :lol: