Ribble madness

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I have to get a new rear mech, as the incumbent's spring has got weak or doesn't like winter. I have tried to rescue it, but to no avail.

I'd picked 105 5700 (£38.95, £31.16 with discount), but the 5600 was cheaper (£34.95, or £27.96 with discount).
Bizarrely the 5700 keeps the discount being over the £35 limit. By the time postage is added (as not over £35 after discount) the 5700 is cheaper.

Work that one out.


  • TMR
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    I made a similar enquiry when I had my Winter Trainer built a few weeks ago. I called them, and was told that they have just got the 5700 parts for a great price, hence being able to offer 2011 105 for less than 2010 105.

    I didn't question it, I just said "Yes please!" :wink:
  • Percy Vera
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    It all depends on what they buy them in at.
    Last year when I was looking (with their usual discounts) a 6700 rear mech was cheaper than the 6600 one.