Single Speed Gear ratio ?

Stan Leigh
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Hi there , just pondering a single speed conversion on an old hard tail ( 26")

I've found a 12T freewheel conversion , that'll take the chain I've got . Now I need to know what size chainwheel would normally go with that .

Any advice / thoughts ?

Thanks :?


  • RevellRider
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    Typically for off road use, 2 to 1. So, 24t on the front
  • Stan Leigh
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    Nice one ! :D
  • cooldad
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    Hi Stan, have a look at the monstrosity(or as he calls it the Speedily Singular Thingy) thel33ter built out of bits we had lying around. Some pics in London Calling. Tried it out at Swinley on Sunday and I still couldn't keep up.
    Will be using it on Sunday for the STW Spring Sexy ride (what a stupid name) if you are coming.
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  • thel33ter
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    Mines got a 34:16 (works out as 25.5:12) and I made it up almost everything in swinley. I also can't get any smaller cause it's a 5 bolt chainset. A super quick racer type I know uses the usual 2:1,

    Look at pg 208 on london calling for some purty pictures ect.

    It's friggin awesome 8) noone seems to likes the barend on riser with -20° stem though
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  • Stan Leigh
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    Nice to hear from you ! Check out your singly thingy Sunday ! :wink: