Knee Pads post surgery

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Hiya, my rehabs fab & I'm ready to push it again, but Ive a fair bit of metal all over my knee & the area is super sensitive even just to touch. Thinking some new knee pads are in order. Any thoughts? Looking for squidgy I guess, would the D30 stuff feel squidgy on the inside even when it turns hard?


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    I was in a similar predicament. Although I didn't have surgery, just months and months and months of intense physio.
    I'm now incredibly paranoid about damaging my knee any further, so I always wear my Kyle strait kneepads.
    I considered the D3O ones, but it seemed like a lot more expense.

    Have you been given the all clear to ride again? I wouldn't push it, give it time to heal properly.
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    Can understand the concern for the old knees. I've not had any probs as such but I wear Fox Launch Pros every time I go out no matter what.

    You know you're wearing them but only in the same way you know you're wearing undercrackers and I've fallen off enough times to give them a proppa testing and they are most excellent.
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    I should be given the good to go on 1st April. :D Ive been allowed to peddle on roads & so interpretted that as only blues so long as I never ever fall!!

    Its not so much I need knee pads - I already have Dainese, but with them being solid I'm thinking it'll be too sensitive to fall in.

    Thanks for the replies, I'll look at them now :)

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    How about 661 Veggie knee pads they are layers of neoprene with no hard shell. They only last one big crash though and they wont protect you from pointy rocks but are good for general knocks.
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    I have some of those at the moment, theres not enough cushioning in them (little bangs reeeally hurt & they fall down too easy. These others look like thicker veggies though?
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    Kyle straits you mean? Nah, there's a hard plastic cup over the kneecap area, covered inside and out with thick padding.
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    Kyle straights are my knee pad of choice :) veggies are just cheap crap when you actually get a set in hand.

    But there are loads to choose from :p
  • I have the 661 Evo pads. You don't notice them turning hard if you hit them, because it's only for an instant!

    Expensive, but you really can wear them for hours on end and use for general trail riding.

    I bought them a couple of years ago when they first came out and they were head and shoulders above everything else. Now I think there are a few other pads you could consider as 'trail' or XC pads. The new Endura pads look pretty good for the money and flexible.