Which Shifters??

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I know this may seem like a bit of a dumb question but I was using a road bike in a fitness assessment a couple of months back any I can't remember what shifters it had on it!

All I can remember about them is that they had thumbshifters to shift down the gears when you were riding on the hoods.
I've had a look around but I haven't seen any with a similar set-up.

Any suggestions as to what they may have been?


  • Zendog1
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    Probably Shimano Sora (9spd) or 2300 (?) (8spd)
  • Scrumple
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    tiagra? sora?

  • slowondefy2
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    Tiagra shifters move both up and down the cogs on the drops. If Shimano it must have been Sora or below.
  • mattshrops
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    sora AND 2300
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  • mercurykev
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    Either Campag Ergos



    or Sora/2300s

  • WisePranker
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    Cheers guys.
    Looking at the pictures I reckon it could've been the Campag Ergos. Looks like they're well out of my price range for new bikes!
  • rake
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    although sora is a budget option mine have been good and reliable, work well. shimano thumb shifters are cheaper than the paddle shifters. i prefer the thumb button from the hoods, but a bit fiddly when holding the bends.