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Best Pump for me please

Forrester76Forrester76 Posts: 25
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I have a womens road bike - BeOne Leontien, I bought a Topeak Morph Turbo mini pump to use with it, it should get to 160psi, I had to use it for the first time this week and I couldn't get anywhere near even 100psi, it was far to hard to use, it is designed to work from the floor but I stil couldn't pump up my tyres effectively with it.
I have presta valves and I wondered if anyone could recommend anything else I could use, whilst I'm out on my bike.....
I was thinking about carrying some c02 canisters instead but they are quite heavy and I've also heard mixed reviews about them in that they do not pump up tyres very well either.
Any help would be appreciated.


  • Bar ShakerBar Shaker Posts: 2,313
    Some have too large a body diameter and you need to throw yourself down on the handle to get over 100psi.

    The Joe Blows is the best out there. I have the yellow one with a carbon face, no idea what the model is.

    It reaches 120psi with ease.
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  • sungodsungod Posts: 15,255
    might be best seeing if you can try a few in a shop

    i use one of these,... ... ith-gauge/

    i find i have to watch the gauge to avoid going way over pressure

    190g, stash it in middle jersey pocket, i don't even notice it's there

    had mine about 2 years, best minipump i've ever tried

    before i got it i tried one of the topeak whatever-morph pumps, not sure of exact model, but it took much more force than the lezyne to reach pressure
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  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    The Lezyne Road Drive is quite nice; it doesn't have a gauge but it does mount onto the frame. I bought the medium sized one but kind wish I went for the Large as the medium does lack a bit of oomph. Lovely design though and very light.
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