RS Lyrik 2-Step Air... convert to U-Turn Coil or Solo Air?

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My Lyriks have gone back to Fishers to have a seccond 2010 Lyrik 2-Step cartridge fitted

If or should I say when this fails the forks will be out of warranty.

I can either replace the seal kit each time it goes wrong or change to Solo Air and loose the travel adjust or change to U-Turn Coil and loose the spring adjustability.

Lyrik upgrade kit 2-step to Solo Air


Lyrik upgrade kit 2-step to U-Turn Coil

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  • ratty2k
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    Convert to coil U turn, mines been brilliant since the swap and I doubt I'd go back to air for owt now TBH...
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  • dan shard
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    I've got the 2 step, never had a problem yet but good to know what I may need to expect
  • Koiler
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    you could always go solo air...
  • Northwind
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    Did you ask if they would convert it to coil for you under the warranty? Quite a lot of people got that done...

    I went coil u-turn, I was expecting higher performance and didn't really get it and it's a fair old weight penalty, enough to change how the bike rides but still I don't regret it. There's just no point in sticking with kit that can't be trusted. I wanted the u-turn so that I can run it in both my bikes or I probably would have been tempted by solo air though.
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  • Koiler
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    it should definitely be done under warranty. i would imagine fishers are getting tired of replacing faulty u-turns by now