What Bar?

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Currently building a new race machiene and have a budget of about £2300-£2500 and while I have put a lot of thought into my frame groupset and wheelset I havent really considered handlebars and stem (silly I know). I had a look at FSA K wing carbon bars and can fetch a set for around £150 can anyone offer any suggestions in regards to a cheaper set of similar quality?



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    I have the FSA K WIng Carbon bars. They are very comfortable to ride with. I weigh 70Kg and can feel a small amount of flex in the bar when leaning hard. If you are heavier then me then you should bear this point in mind. As I said they are very comfortable in all positons with a relatively shallow drop. I would buy them again.

    Cam :)
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    I have the K Force compacts....they dont flex as much as the Wings...their fab oh and weigh less then the Wings :D
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    I think you should get some Deda Newton Anatomics or VO2 bars 2nd hand.
  • Just done a similar thing, I purchased a CR1 Pro, got measured up and as a result have swapped out the bar and stem.

    If I were you i would build your bike and get a separate bar and stem after. The reason for this is that you don't really know how well the fit will be ie if you go and purchase a k wing your pretty much stuck with the set up + the cost if they get damaged!!

    IMO there's no real weight gain on these and there is flex. I purchased ritchey WCS carbon curve compact bars and a riitchey pro alloy stem to match, overall weight is less than k wing and it enabled me to get the reach/drop that works for me. FSA are doing an offer on their SLK series until April 30% off if you buy 2 items. I only went Ritchey to match Ritchey post and headset as stock.

    It all sounds a bit complex but you should do this. You have as you say not really thought about it much but its probably the most important advantage you have buy doing your own build.

    Good luck