Car busy roads = more enjoyable riding?????

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Have just been out for my first ride of the spring/summer and found that i enjoyed riding around my town (Colchester) a lot more than i did on the back rodes.

I think its due to the fact that absolutely no money has been spent on the country roads (pot holes, uneven surface etc)

Just wondering what anyone else thinks??


  • Anonymous
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    I like lots of lorries going my way on a Time Trial.
  • danowat
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    NapoleonD wrote:
    I like lots of lorries going my way on a Time Trial.

    :D yup, amazing how much of a tow you can get of em!!!
  • PhilofCas
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    I do like the odd early morning city/town blast, but no, deserted country roads for me please :)
  • Bobbinogs
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    I went cycling around Exmoor a few weeks ago, early Sunday morning and it was more than two hours into the ride before I saw a single car in either direction...bloody fantastic!
  • Buckled_Rims
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    Yeah, town rides! This is the start of my road riding....clip in and pedal 200m, clipout and wait for traffic at roundabout...100m, clipout and wait at junction....50m zebra crossing....100m clipout at traffic lights...decision -> cross pedestrian bridge or attempt very busy roundabout???

    There is absolutely no quiet roads within 5 miles of home :cry:
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