Gore Xenon XS Jacket... on ebay?

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After borrowing a Gore N2S cycling jacket for a ride last Sunday I quite liked it and saw the benefits of having one over what I wear now - a mix of normal clothes/track suit top.

As I did not want to spend too much (recently have been getting a thing here and a thing there for the bike - it adds up! :P) so was looking at jackets around thew £50-£60 mark. Then while googling for the Xenon XS I saw it on ebay as new and unused, with tags item.

It's going for about £110-£90 in places, yet on ebay it's £67 including P+P.

So - has anyone bought things from ebay athat were advertised as new, with tags, unused etc and have they lived up to the expectation?

Also what is the reason for it having 30%-40% off? I'm okay with it being an older model, but what else could there be? Damaged items, not good enough for the shops bought cheap from Gore? :S

Thanks .


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    I have bought bits and pieces from Ebay but prefer shop websites. Some shops use Ebay as it can be cheaper to set up an Ebay shop than a dedictaed website and Ebay already has million of customers searching it.

    Meantime use discount code Spring10 on the Probike webiste and you'll find


    is £73 delivered. Only small in that colour but search around they may have other sizes in other colours.