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As I'm not too much of a monkey when it comes to servicing my bike, I've decided that I'm going to have a crack at servicing my Rockshox Reba SL forks.

I've watched all the SRAM videos on YouTube and read the service manuals, so I think I'm about ready to go...

So, my question is what do I need to put on my "shopping list"?

Obviously I need to buy the relevant fork oils - 5WT and 15WT - do I have to use Rockshox stuff or is it like car oil and all the same in reality?

Also, is it essential to replace all the seals and o-rings each service or is it just worth replacing them if they look damaged / worn when I take the fork apart? The Rockshox kits are a fortune compared to the other brands!

If you do need to replace the O-Rings each service - do you have to buy the rockshox kits or can you just get the correct size O-Rings from your local hardware shop?


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    Fork oil, preferably fully synthetic is fine, but one stated weight can vary from another. I think we have a comparison chart in the FAQ.

    If you can get the exact sized O rings from elsewhere, they will work, and should be replaced ideally. Don't get silicone ones though.
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    Thanks. I'll take a look at the FAQs (sorry for not looking there first!).

    Am I being stupid it looks like I have to buy a separate kit for the Dual Air side, the Motion Control Side and the Lower Legs or is it just one kit does the whole lot? £20 quid for the whole lot doesn't seem so bad - but if it's separate kits for all - seems like a rip off!
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    Have a look at the service kits from Fisher Outdoor for prices and kits.