Paint Job - Do you reckon the warranty will cover it???

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Hi all,

I decided at the end of last year that having a bike like triggers broom was getting a bit tedious and although i love fetteling I thought it would be good to have something already set up for me in the way i would want it, so, I saved my pennies up and managed to bag a 2010 ex demo Mongoose Canaan Team for less than half price. It was in almost perfect condition and clearly hadnt done any more than a few laps around the bike shop car park.

I've been riding it for a couple of months now. I noticed after the first time i washed it that some of the paint where the the rear shock joins the frame had simply flaked away.... (see pic) ... riss/Bike/ .

I havent used a jet wash, and whilst getting a few scratches that are my fault i dont mind, but, when the paint comes away and its not your fault its a bit gutting.

Its going back for a service in a week or so and i will get it checked out properly but i just wondered if anyone had any experience of flaking paint and if they had managed to get it covered under warranty? To me, it looks like the bolts are just a little too tight and have damaged the paint?