New seatpost required

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Came off in the recent icy spell, and only just got round to getting my bike sorted. The main casualty was the seatpost. Not very flush at the mo, so wondered what was a good 27.2mm replacement in the £40-£70 bracket?

Will an alloy version will last longer, save me money and be as comfy?

At the top of my budget I saw this - - any thoughts?



  • Cornish-J
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    thompson elite seems to be very highly rated, thats what im using and have no complaints.
  • +1 for the Thomson Elite, can't be beaten in that price bracket
  • Spatulala
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    good enough for me, it's ordered! Thanks.
  • Spatulala
    Spatulala Posts: 291
    One thing

    My old Bonty carbon had a 20mm offset, whereas the Thomsonis inline, They do a setback one but that looks like it would lean the seat back (more for MTBs?). Will the inline be fine, and I'll just need the sit the saddle further back than on the old one?

    Sorry if these are silly questions!