Trek Fuel 80 Suspension Bearings

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I need to replace the bearings in my Trek Fuel 80 frame. Does anyone know what the specs are or where I can buy them cheaply. Also, can I fit them myself without special tools?



  • dan shard
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    By bearings do you mean the bushes? Ive only ever done it on my cube, never my Trek remedy and on that I had to go to MOJO (£25 iirc) Fitting is fairly easy but getting the old hula hoops out is a nightmare withough an extractor
  • shx8000
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    I spoke to a lad called Lloyd at Wheelbase at the weekend, and he told me that the bushes on the pivots carry a 5 year warranty and should not require replacing.
    Bushed for the shock and fork were different though.
  • Thanks for the advice.

    I've stripped and cleaned the swinging arm and the bushes are OK. The problem is that when I tighten the top 2 bushes the link is squeezed against the frame. I think there should be some shim washers but I'm not sure. I so where could I get them?

  • nicklouse
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    does not sound like a problem.

    the linkage is not free moving. it flexes.
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