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womens shorts measurements

Usually_LurkingUsually_Lurking Posts: 67
edited March 2011 in Women
I was thinking earlier about the shorts sizing problem...
My thought was that it would be brilliant if there was a kind of spreadsheet somewhere online where girlies could take the shorts that they have, measure the actual size of the shorts in cm (inseam, round the waist etc) and add all the info onto the spreadsheet for others to see!
With enough contributions, we'd no longer have to guess at the sizes to pick, we would have numbers to work from that actually mean something rather than the seemingly totally random S/M/L or 10/12/14 etc.

Between the girls on here there are surely plenty of pairs of shorts in a variety of sizes to make some kind of useful table.

This is not the most exciting idea ever, but if anyone feels like contributing, then dig out a tapemeasure get over to HERE. Anyone can edit, feel free to add in male versions of shorts that you wear just remember to say somewhere that they are the Male version.

Yes, I am bored this evening.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    This is a good idea - be also worth measuring the circumferance of the leg as some men's shorts are bloody tight for my former monster thighs lol.
  • foxc_ukfoxc_uk Posts: 1,292
    Will definitely add measurements for my shorts when I'm able, it's a brilliant idea!
  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,823
    What a brilliant idea - i'm up for this too (although it will have to wait for an evening when Notax is working late, and i'm armed with a tape measure and a glass of wine!) :D
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  • LoekaLoeka Posts: 2
    Ladies I will be filling the table in with all of Loeka's measurements for you to aid you in any manner we can. If you have any questions about Loeka's fit the best resource is to go to our fanpage, and ask away with any questions you have.

    We have the best fitting shorts. If I do say so myself. :)
  • kathgkathg Posts: 142
    Great idea... but can we add widest thigh measurement too? This is important not just for those of us with err 'chunkier' thighs but also so we can see if knee protection will fit neatly under. Sorry Loeka... you are guilty here as my (fabulous otherwise) shorts ruck up and catch on my 661 knee protection something terrible!! :wink:

  • Good point... row added. I'll go get thigh measurements when my shorts aren't all so muddy.
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