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Anyone buy Crivit gear? There are some decent looking offers in Lidl for Crivit clothing, just wondering if the low prices mean poor quality?


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    Yes and no. I have bought bits when they have the special buys and find the socks are good as is the jersey but less happy with the bibshorts. It's down to the fit, you must try on if you can as the sizing tends to be very generous so my long sleave jersey is very baggy. Bought the rain jacket last year and the zip went after two months.
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    Only thing I use time and again is the sleeveless baselayer, the rest apart from the socks I have avoided.
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    It's cheap, does what it says on the tin, but quality is not the highest. Bought some tights and they are starting to come apart after one winter.
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  • TBH, I tend to treat Crivit stuff as disposable commuter gear. Socks= great. Baselayer = good on a budget (although the stuff in the 14th March offer looks different to what I've bought in previous years). Tights (if they fit) = great value, but wear shorts underneath as the padding is non-existent! Everything else is aimed at casual leisure cyclists, judging by the fit.

    In contrast, I find Aldi (Crane Bike) stuff much better.
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    A quote on the features Unisex cycling underwear from Lidl's Irish site.

    "Stays in place, even at high speeds"

    Don't ever remember going so fast on the bike that my underwear fell off !! Would be pretty awesome though, particularly if there was ladies in the vicinity (wearing the same underpants and going at the same speed) giggidy :)