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get on your bikeget on your bike Posts: 53
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Went on a long one on sat. 110 k by myself in the hills and was wondering how long it takes people to recover ie. To get on the bike to some more.

Usually wouldve headed out tonight but just felt wrecked so said is do bit on turbo. Lasted three minutes as legs were lead.

Any thoughts


  • verylonglegsverylonglegs Posts: 3,754
    Had you built yourself up gradually in order to do your 110k? You should be able to ride again by Tuesday after a long Saturday ride provided you been working yourself up to a decent level of fitness. How hard did you push yourself at the weekend?
  • mattshropsmattshrops Posts: 1,134
    im not quite sure that i get recovery rides. if i need recovery i rest. id also be pleased to hear from any of the coaches etc on here- is there any point to them? no hijack intended :D
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  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    I think my answer would be "it depends". Some people can recover quickly, some cannot. Sometimes I can recover quickly, some times I cannot. At uni, I played footy 5 times a week and don't remember any nonsense about recovery, nutrition or what not so maybe age is also a factor.

    I am now 46, did a lumpy 65M on Sat morning too, and did another 20M quick ride yesterday which felt great and then another hour of hill climbing tonight. I think part of the trick is eating right, stretching and making sure one doesn't lie around too much after exercise (muscles like to move, etc.). I find that when I hit the groove fitness wise, I can go out every day, until I pick up an injury and have to peg it back a bit. Hope that helps, probably not.
  • Another one for the ''it depends'' category: the older you are, the longer it takes for the muscles to give up and the longer it takes for them to recover. Young, I'd be stiff the next day. Really stiff. Old, I can go out on the ride the next day. A couple of days later and I start suffering and it's then quite a while before that bounce* comes back into my legs.

    *bounce is clearly an exaggeration - I actually mean once I don't find it tiring to stand up and walk...
  • VelonutterVelonutter Posts: 2,437 Lives Here
    Once I have my miles back into my legs by about mid May I can ride 5-6 times a week and up to 300 miles, but at this time in the year I find I need more recovery time and I'm only doing about 140-160.
  • SBezzaSBezza Posts: 2,173
    Depends on how fit you are, how quickly you personally recover, and how used to the distance/type of intensity you need to recover from.

    I could happily do 100km + each day, with perhaps a recovery day once every 3 days or so, but others will not be able to do it.

    Recovery rides are useful, as if done correctly, you are not putting in any effort, but you still get the muscles working and the increased blood flow that helps freshen the legs up. People tend to ride them too hard though and for too long, 1 hour max on very easy terrain, and with the HR being less that 55% of max. Not really ideal to do during the winter, as you get cold very quickly.
  • Its a very hilly route and pushed it with an av of 26.5 per hour.
  • MikeWWMikeWW Posts: 723
    Is that mph??
    I'd probably need a week off it it was
  • No no kph. Jaysis. I'm not superman. Super average possibly
  • Homer JHomer J Posts: 920
    No no kph. Jaysis. I'm not Bhima. Super average possibly

  • morstarmorstar Posts: 5,744
    Homer J wrote:
    No no kph. Jaysis. I'm not Bhima. Super average possibly


    f*** me that was funny! Just spat crisps at my monitor. (grim)

    Also got a very funny look from somebody.
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