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Hi guys bought a second hand Trek as above about a year ago and it's been fine, recently though the rear end seems to be clicking / creaking a lot. I checked the headset bearings this morn they were smooth so just re greased and put back together. Don't think its the BB or pedals as the noise happens when i compress the suspension while i'm not on the pedals also pretty sure it's not the seat it's an i beam and is in good nick. What i noticed yesterday is when i sprayed GT85 on the pivots after it had penetrated this seem to stop it. This was short lived though as the noises gradually came back. So where do i go from here ? do i need to strip the rear suspension check the bearings and re grease or am i missing something. any tips for servicing. just any help really. Could it be the rear shock. (RP2)


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    sounds like a full service is needed. I would get the shock done at the same time as the rear end is overhauled.
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    Ok i'm pretty good with this sort of thing so where would the best place be to get service parts. By the way no play in the re end so would i still need to replace the bearings
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    And don't spray GT85 in the pivots :lol:
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    I had the same problem with my bike....drove me nuts for about a month. I rebuilt my rear shock, put in new pivots, new seat, new seat post, nothing worked! After researching the problem on the internet and bugging Trek and my bike shop I finally found the problem.

    There is a bar in the down tube for the seat post, almost to the bottom bracket. You will see it taking your seat, seatpost out. Shine a flashlight down the tube get some triflow and saturate that bar. Worked for more noise. Hope this helps!
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    thats v interesting. i'll have a look next time i'm in the shed :P