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Any female friendly MTB groups in NW Leeds?

clairemclairem Posts: 19
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Hi there - anyone know of any MTB groups around NW Leeds? I'm just trying to get into MTB'ing again and it would be good to go out with others who know a few routes around the area. Could do with something relatively beginner friendly to start with - my general fitness is pretty good, but not so sure about my bike-fitness after not doing much of it the last few years!


  • What part of NW Leeds are you claire?
  • There is a group of friendly gals that meet around Skipton area. Is that any good?
  • clairemclairem Posts: 19
    sorry- been hectic this last week and forgot to check this post. Stumpjumper - I'm in Yeadon. I saw your post on the other thread as well so Moortown/Alwoodley would be fine for me to get to for rides - I'll check out the link you posted. Just picked up the new bike this week, so looking forward to getting out for a spin on it!
    DalesCharlie - Skipton would probably be fine on the weekends - maybe a bit far during the week!
  • Hi Claire,
    If you do log onto other site then that will take you to the facebook page to.
    I'll post here on Monday to say about Weds 23rd.
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