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Hi guys,

I'm in the market for a new roadie, and I've come accross the planet x nanolight. I love the look of the Guru frame, and the high mod/beefed up bottom bracket are definite pluses. I'm wondering if anyone has a nanolight and can shed some light on it's performance? I'm really just interested in anything like frame flex (I sprint sometimes) and how it rides. The 2 year warranty should be plenty (will probably upgrade before then), and I'm mostly a casual rider; like to put in plenty of km, but no racing etc.

Considering the cheap price of these frames, I'm really looking forward to grabbing one, provided there are no problems or bad reviews etc. I've heard good things about the Boardman range, which I'm also interested in, however I'm not sure when International shipping will be an option (I'm in Aus), and I might be unwilling to find out.

FYI I'll be looking to build up the nanolight with Sram Force and likely the planet x carbon 50/50 wheelset. Any help would be great! :D



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    If thinking about that frame the it's worth reading about sourcing one direct from China

    Not sure about customs in Oz but no probs in UK

    or an alternative UK company that sells a similarly sourced Chinese frame (just like the Nanolight) is and they do wheels too.

    FWIW Seller Carbonzone on Ebay UK is also well recommended for direct chinese supply
    other chinese suppliers include Dhengfu and Xpace and they can do custom paint

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