feels like I need a break,is that normal ??

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Due to the nature of my job I spend most of the fall/winter completely off,therefore I've been pedaling quite hard and passionately for the past 6 months. I'm in the best shape of my life,but I feel like my body is asking me for a break now. I'm currently experiencing some overtrain syntomps,like lack of (biking)motivation,back muscles stiffness,difficulty of falling asleep and tendency to wake up completely alerted during the night.
Dieting during these months has been perfect aswell,I haven't lost strength or muscular mass at all.

Do you think is time to ease down a bit for a couple of weeks or more :? ??
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    Don't force yourself to keep riding, listen to your body. Have a few days rest see if you feel any better, if not rest longer. If these symptoms persist after sufficient rest them I;d have a chat with your GP.
  • as mentioned, listen to your body and rest, if there is no improvement definatly see your GP, same thing happended to me last year, had to break from riding for 6 months until I could ride again, went from almost giving it up to now be enjoying more and performing better than I ever have before.