evoc bike bag

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I'm looking to get a bag to take ny bike on holidays, in the past I've borrowed a bike box Alan and whilst it was great I would rather something a tad lighter and was thinking of a evoc bag any comments on this bag


  • Berk Bonebonce
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    Have you seen the price?
  • gwillis
    gwillis Posts: 998
    Yes I've been offered one for £200 which is cheaper than a bike box Alan ...which I think to transport a carbon road bike several times a year not bad
  • mallorcajeff
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    Friends got one and it was great, Ive got a cheap padded one and i used loads of pipe lagging and bubble wrap and was ok but not recommended for lots of trips as it was a pain but the EVOC I borrowed was great. He paid about 320 i think. I loved it but only moved my bike here once so not needed but If i was to buy one Id buy EVOC for sure. there was a review on the net somewhere and they said best bag they tested. google you will find it somewhere. Im my opinion great bag and not too heavy My mate has a hard case for his TT bike and empty if 14kilo!