What size Time Trial Bike

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I am going to get a time trial bike. I am looking for a little advice choosing the right frame size.
I nornally ride a 56cm frame specialized tarmac(TT 56.5cm I think).
Should I be looking at a frame with a top tube of approx 56cm or a little less at 54cm(or even less)?
I am 6 foot tall, inseam 33.5 inches. 85kg.
I have a chance of a alu framed specialized transition 56cm with a TT of 548mm I think. Would that be too large???Some people have suggested at 52cm frame but surely that would be too small?
I will use it mainly for 10 mile flat TT.
Still thinking!


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    Can you not test ride the Transition?...
    TT frame is a completely different animal to a road bike and you need to be fitted really.
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  • If you 56 tarmac fits (at 6 foot you're a strange build) your 548 top tube is in the Ball Park.

    How is your flexability and how low is the front end on this frame? remeber 56 frames are built for guys around 5'9.5" |(mr Average) so you might find the front end too low and this will compromise your performance.
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