Boardman - Cracked frame - Terminal or not!

stueyscott Posts: 112
edited March 2011 in MTB workshop & tech
I noticed after cleaning my boardman FS on the weekend that it's sustained impact damage from a rock or something on the bottom of the frame just above the bottom bracket.

Theres about a 5p sized dink thats about 1mm deep and unfortunatly a small 4 mm crack on the edge of the weld where the frame meets the bottom bracket mount.

As this is my second frame, the first developed a crack in the weld near the main pivot, I popped into Halfords to ask their opinion.

One store, who I trust, said it was possible that the warrenty would cover it but they are not a boardman store, the other which is a boardman store, who i've had a pretty pour experience in the past, said no way.

Infact he suggested that the impact was most probably due to recklessness???

Arn't mountain bikes supposed to be designed to take the knocks???

I've asked them to see if I can get it checked out at a cost to me but was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on whether such a crack is likely to be the begining of something terminal.

Would post a pick if I knew how?