Need your help - 1995 Marin Hawk Hill Shimano Acera X....

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Afternoon folks.

I have a factory mint 1995 Marin Hawk Hill which I want to use for a bit of light commuting and some off road fun.

I have serviced the bike but am having problems getting the Acera X rapid fire shifter to the 7 speed cassette working. A lot of the time there is no register on the levers - it wont engage a gear.

Due to the number of years it sat in the shed the insides of the shifters were gunky, so I degreased them and re-lubed. It seems like the little sprung claw on the shifter only sometimes makes contact with the gear wheel inside the mechanism.

If the little spring on the claw is now dead due to age / lack of use, what options do I have for fixing the system? I don't want to hack the shifter off the integrated brake and fit a replacement shifter system as my local bike shop has sugggested as the bike is so retro and mint that it would ruin it.

Any ideas?