Skills/Beginners Course - Chase Skills

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After looking into doing a skills course / beginners day I recentley booked a day out with

I booked with Chase Skills as they had recieved some good feed back on the forum, they where fairly local and prices where pretty reasonable.

So today was the day and what a great day it was. I attended the Intro to mountain bike day. On the course there where only 3 people booked in, although there can be upto 6.

I won't go into everything that the day covered as it can be seen on the website. I attended the day with no experience what so ever and it covered more than enough to get me going. All basic techniques where covered.

I was actually suprised about the number of techniques required, but they where all very well explained and demonstrated with plenty of opportunities for us to practise.

The day won't turn you into a pro over night but it has given me the building blocks to go away and work on and making me confident to go and try some more challanging routes/trails instead of wide tracks.

I am really glad I decided to go on a course as it has taught me so much, and is much better than reading things in magazines and books.

Chase skills them selves where fantastic the instruction and they appear to be a very professional outfit. Plus tea and biscuits before and after the ride save a queue at the cafe :D

I would recomend to any one starting out to get on a course and get the techniques taught correctly to help you get started. I'd also imagine riders of other levels would gain something from the other courses.

I also couldn't recommend Chase Skills highly enough so go on treat your self.

I'd also like to add I am a big lad and not very fit but was able to cope with every thing ,so don't worry if you think you won't be able to keep up.

Bike hire was also available for anyone who hasn't yet got a bike.