Tri/Road Bike - Which one?

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I recently completed my first duathlon yesterday, using a hybrid of which was a total mistake :-(

I want to get a bike so i can be more competitive, what would be a great starter bike for this and do i go for a road bike or tri bike?

Please advise

Thanks in advance


  • Monty Dog
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    For most, a dedicated tri-bike is typically set-up for straight-line speed and handling is less suited for longer training rides and hilly courses. For beginners, a regular road bike fitted with clip-on tri bars is a good start - you'll spend far more time training than racing. Then if you get serious, you can get a second 'race' bike and keep the original for training duties.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Cheers for info,

    any suggestions to which models would be good starter road bikes??
  • Mister W
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    It depends on your budget but assuming you're looking at entry level (£500 - £800) anything from the big manufacturers will do the job. Ride some and see what you like. The most important thing is making sure the bike fits properly. It's worth spending a bit more to get a bike from a good shop that will check the fit and make any necessary adjustments.
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    You were spot on - entry level with that budget.

    I will go visiting shops to test properly as you suggest - Thanks for your help
  • nochekmate
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    Cervelo S1 is argued to be a good compromise in that it 'doubles up' as a road bike and triathlon bike.

    May be possible secondhand at the top of your budget.
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    cheers nochekmate - I will undertake some research
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    Cervelo S1 is argued to be a good compromise in that it 'doubles up' as a road bike and triathlon bike

    Can't beat an S1 - especially if you can source the 2-position seatpost. If you're trying to build it as cheap as possible, you can always start with basic Campag/Miche stuff and upgrade things like bars and stems as and when you want something blingy. Mine's got Campag Centaur throughout and with a set of Deda tri bars it's a speed freak's dream, even into a headwind :D