Are Five 10 taking the proverbial?

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First of all, I'd like to say that since buying my first pair nearly four years ago, I have nothing but good things to say about the quality and benefits of these shoes.

However, I have always toyed with having a second pair (you know they're a bugger to dry) and my, now well-used pair, will need replacing eventually. I have been considering another purchase, but I'm amazed at how much some of them are nowadays...the Impact 2 are £89.99 on CRC.

I will try to find a bargain, but I think the prices are a little steep. I'm a firm beliver in 'you get what you pay for', and I'd sooner pay to have a good quality pair of shoes that last 4-5 years rather than paying less and having to replace them 18 months later, so maybe this seems a little contradictive. Maybe I'm just having a rant, but I think that mtb in general has become so expensive in just about every aspect these days. I supposes there's just no substitute for good quality bikes/components/clothes etc.

Are they taking the ****, or is it just a case that we're having to pay for good quality? I feel that I will eventually pay for a new pair of Five Ten shoes (because they do exactly what they're supposed to), unless there are any genuine contenders as an alternative out there.
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    Four years ago the exchange rates were better so just about everything imported cost less.
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    Are they taking the ****, or is it just a case that we're having to pay for good quality?

    You're having to pay what people will pay for them, they're not that impressive other than the fantastic sole. Check out the Shimano equivalents- the AM40 if you can find one in your size is the daddy of flat pedal shoes, just as good on the bike, better options, better waterproofing, better construction... Marginally less grip but still so much that it doesn't make much difference (with either shoe, if your foot comes off the pedal it's the rider not the shoe that did it)

    Not tried the new ones and they look blimmin awful but I reckon they'll be good too.

    TBH I'm pretty happy with my Vans as well, I wore them as street shoes for a couple of years then when they got scabby they became bike shoes, now they've done more miles on the bike than my 5 10s managed before they fell apart yet still going strong. Very flexy sole though which some people do hate, and not as grippy as the bike-specific shoes though still plenty to be going on with.
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    Easy, get the vans resoled with 5-10 stealth rubber.
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    man not just 5 10s, all mtb products are a rip off
    dont even get me started on that :x
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    I'm an avid user of 5.10s but a week ago I bought a pair of Duffs Yardy for £25.50 and can't tell the difference in grip.

    Bought them here ... B003VQQ9BO
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