Road Pedals and possitions

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I have some Shimano 105 pedals on my road bike.

But i have a question i cant seem the find the answer to

When your foot is not in the pedal should the pedal balance flat or should they front of the cleet point up in the air?

If they are supposed to be flat how do you balance them out?

I wonder this because surely it is easier to put your foot into a balanced pedal?

Sorry for the stupid question


  • jlgt
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    Single-sided clipless pedals are slightly weighted towards the back so that the toe points upwards - this is so that you know which side to clip into without having to rotate it (as you might have to if they weren't weighted on one side and could balance flat)
  • John.T
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    They point up so you can hook the front of the cleat into the pedal and then just push down to clip in.