Dark Grey Bar Tape?

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I'm on the look out for some dark grey handlebar tape to match (as closely as possible) my Trek Madone frame.
The frame colour is described as 'Carbon Pearl Duotone' and I have tried bar tape from Deda and Fizik, but both are lighter than I would like. Anyone got any suggestions for possible alternatives?

There is a photo below to give you an idea of the colour of the frame. Thanks in advance for any help.



  • sungod
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    try cinelli

    the black cork one has lighter flecks and a matt surface that makes it more like a dark grey, and the carbo one might work as well

    there's also the black mash volee, but if you don't like the pattern then not an option!

    this page has several pictures...


    ...but it's hard to judge the effect on the screen
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  • amaferanga
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    Fizik Microtex comes in dark grey.
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    sorry, i didn't see a bike.

    however, lovely looking cans of boddingtons :shock:
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    This product placement advertising has really gone too far now :wink:
  • Smokin Joe
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    I'd be more worried about that crack in the frame than the colour of my bar tape.
  • lockersgm
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    There's no crack in the frame.
  • lockersgm
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    amaferanga wrote:
    Fizik Microtex comes in dark grey.
    I've tried the Fizik in dark grey, but there is also a 'soft touch' in dark grey, but I think that that may be too light.
  • cougie
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    What colour is your saddle ? Match that ? Any Lightish colours will show the dirt.
  • TommyEss
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    What about the Fizik dual tape, black with a grey stripe?
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  • rc856
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    cougie wrote:
    What colour is your saddle ? Match that ? Any Lightish colours will show the dirt.

    I think if your saddle, seatpost, wheels and tyres are black then black
    bar tape would look fine.
    As already said, would also hide any dirt
  • lockersgm
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    You've convinced me!
    I'm going to try the Lizard Skins black bar tape out. It turned up today and feels very 'grippy' and is also quite thick.