Last week of training!

trail jacker
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hi all,

I have a race coming up in a week and was wondering what the best way to prepare for it is in the week leading up to it...?

I am pretty happy with my level of fitness, so are there any dietary tips anyone has, like glycogen loading etc..?

...and should i stay off the bike (been out today though) to let my muscles have the maximum amount of energy stores for the race or keep going out training?

Any advice very much appreciated, cheers!


  • njee20
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    Don't stay off the bike, but no intensity beyond Tuesday would be my recommendation. Get out and spin the legs though. What's the event?
  • cool, any dietary suggestions? the event is BUCS, this university competition in Wales this coming friday/ saturday
  • njee20
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    Eat pasta the night before.

    Enjoy it, they're generally the most mental race going. You won't win, so just have fun!